Customized Asset Location & Monitoring Solutions

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Helping to improve efficiency and create a back-up of all operations

AAT I-Sense

AAT RFID Hardware solutions offer the ability to work with any type of RFID tag and is perfect for readings at arms length away.

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AAT I-Contact

AAT Mobile Applications designed to work with NFC technologies offer solutions for tapping NFC tags to document any action or asset whereabout
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AAT I-Site

Tracking and locating smaller assets across longer read-ranges is possible with AAT BLE Tags. Compatible in any format and ready with many sensor options.
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RFID Solutions

AAT manufactures RFID readers for any type of tag.

GPS Hardware

Mid-Range read distance

The RFID solution is perfect for automated identification of Assets 1 to 3 metres away.

Large Variety of smaller tags

Since no battery is necessary for the RFID tag, there is a large range of small and discrete tag offerings.

Automated Processing

With RFID, solutions are automated and readers can be setup to automatically read which assets pass through an area.

  • No battery replacement necessary
  • Perfect for autmatically reading badges and verifying ID
  • Easily managed with the AAT web-portal and AAT gateway readers
  • AAT NFC Solutions

    AAT mobile applications are ready to read NFC tags.


    Short Range Read Distance

    As the name suggests, the AAT I-Contact solution requires a physical touching to the tag.

    No Battery Required

    No need to replace any batteries as these are just small sticker tags

    Presence verification

    These small programable stickers can contain any type of data and when tapped with a phone loaded with an AAT NFC reading application, we can deliver locations, times, and many other types of observations in addition to verifying the action that the tag was tapped by a certain User.

  • Verify and document the presence of any personelle
  • Virtual Time card - Punch Clock Solutions with multiple locations
  • Eliminate sign-in/out sheets
  • AAT I-Site Solution

    Custom BLE Asset tags manufactured by AAT

    Water-Proof casing

    AAT has multiple casing options for our BLE tag solutions. Some are water-proof, some are meant to sense the sorrounding area, and some require more battery power and are therefore larger.

    Long Battery Life

    As with most BLE tags the battery will last about 2 years and then alert when replacement time draws near.

    Long Range Read Distance

    More reliable than RFID and able to pick-up tags further away. Our tag solution is perfect for locating Assets indoors and outdoors.

    Can be customized to any Server

    AAT does not force customers of our Beacon solutions into using our Servers or API. If there is a need to have the tags send directly to your solution, AAT BLE tags can accomodate this

  • Avoid monthly billing costs
  • Automtically programmed and ready for iBeacon or Eddystone
  • Use one of our available BLE tag solutions or request specific requirements
  • BLE, RFID, and NFC Asset Tracking Solutions

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    AAT Mobile Applications

    Mobile Integration and AAT designed Applications provide AAT system solutions while on-the-move.

    BLE Beacon Asset Location App

    AAT's applications can help to locate assets and act as a gateway to forward asset data to any server or database.

    Alerts & Notifications

    Setup Alerts to be notified when you are leaving without a certain asset. Or setup alerts when the environment around an asset changes so that fast action can be taken.

    Time-Clock Applications

    Allow User to punch-in remotely based on their locations or tap a physical tag. Keep track of hours in areas and have them punch-out automoatically when they leave.

    Custom Presence Apps

    Allow us to create an application for you to provide dedicated marketing to your clients. Users can be alerted when they are in the presence of your products. Have the application communicate with your server directly, or we can setup an API for you to pull the data you need.

    Markets Serviced

    See the specific Markets AAT is involved in and has ready solutions for.

    BLE Beacon AVL GPS

    AAT specializes in Documenting and Storing Municipal and Government Operations.
    Our hardware solutions integrate with many different tags with different sensors to monitor and record operations such as Plow positions to verifying the presence of collection bins.

    Government Solutions

    AAT specializes in providing custom reporting solutions for Municipal Winter and Summer operations providing route completion reports, plow position reporting solutions, bin pick-up verifying, and location check-in and observation recording.

    Service & Maintenance

    Tools for monitoring and documenting service vehicle operations are available and a convenient way to export and share this proof of due diligence is available. Verify submitted time sheets easily and keep track of contarctor hours. Make sure all assets are on-board before leaving a site.

    School Solutions

    Monitor which students or assets get on or off the vehicle and where and when. Document when certain assets leave or enter certain areas and send automated alerts.

    Transport & Delivery

    Custom cargo monitoring solutions utilizing bluetooth and RFID technologies will assist in keeping track of on-board assets' pick up and drop-off locations.

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    We have many types of tags with single types and multiple types of sensors mounted on the BLE tag. Each tag therefore draws different levels of battery power and can be provided in multiple size formats with different battery options.

    Yes. Depending on your initial order amount, we can assist in getting you set-up with your own BLE tag reading solution. We can also assist in designing an application to act as a gateway and interact with your clients for you. Then we would hand over the entire solution.

    Our Warranty for our hardware is usually 2 years and we'll address any hardware issues at no cost provided there is no physical tampering or damage. One single cell battery typically lasts 2 years per sensor and we can mount multiple cell batteries within one small enclosure. The batteries can then easily be replaced.

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