Customized Vehicle Communication and Location Monitoring Solutions

Specialists in New Technology Design Providing GPS Hardware & AVL Software
Helping to improve efficiency and create a back-up of all operations

AAT Hardware Design

AAT designs its own hardware so that we can meet any custom requirement and to also be able to properly service our customers by having complete control of the solution we offer.

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AAT Software Design

AAT has a team of developers constantly adding new features and requests to the growing AAT system so that our clients have more tools available in order to simplify their duties and save time and money.
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Mobile App Development

AAT's in-house App development allows our solution to become Mobile so Users do not need to sit by their desk to view information, but instead be able to get alerts on the go through a custom application.
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AAT Mobile Applications

Mobile Integration and AAT designed Applications provide AAT system solutions while on-the-move.

Hours Of Service ELD

AAT's completly automated HOS monitoring system allows Drivers to concentrate on their driving while the AAT solution monitors local regulations and alerts drivers of how long they are permitted to drive.

AAT Field Application

Take photos and document any operation to be shared and referenced on the AAT system. Automatically record locations visited or any deficiency that needs to be corrected.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

Select what needs to be checked on every vehicle before driving. This automated electronic process takes away the need to manually fill out and hand-deliver paper reports before driving.

Text & Email Reporting

View vehicle positions with the AAT App and system alerts that integrate with built-in phone applications. Receive messages and view positions right away without the need to login.

Markets Serviced

See the specific Markets AAT is involved in and has ready solutions for.

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Government Solutions

AAT specializes in providing custom reporting solutions for Municipal Winter and Summer operations providing route completion reports, material application reports, GIS integration, custom public portals and more.

Service & Maintenance

Tools for monitoring and documenting service vehicle operations are available and a convenient way to export and share this proof of due diligence are available. Verify submitted time sheets easily.

School Solutions

Monitor which students or assets get on or off the vehicle and where and when. Document when certain assets leave or enter certain areas and send automated alerts.


HOS and DVIR tools report entire trips. Custom cargo monitoring solutions utilizing bluetooth and RFID technologies are also available.

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Please fill-out the information below and we will do our best to reply to any questions you may have.

In order to get an accurate quote, please provide us with a vehicle/asset list of what you would like to equip and monitor. If there are any other factors you would like to monitor on certain vehicles, such as driver ID or third-party hardware please do your best to provide that information as well.

Installation is very fast and simple whether our devices are hard-wired or plugged into the vehicle diagnostics. AAT has installation services available that can get about 100 devices installed in a few business days. Clients can choose to perform the installation themselves if they prefer and installation training is always free.

Yes. Our devices can transmit at any interval and can also be put on hold for periods as short as one month to indefinetly. Simply let your AAT representative know and the adjustments will be made.

Our Warranty for our hardware is usually 2 years and we'll address any hardware issues at no cost provided there is no physical tampering or damage. We have units in operation that were installed over 10 years ago. Typically we do not like to access vehicles once our hardware is installed. All updates are done over-the-air and when the vehicle is taken out of service the device can be moved into the next replacement vehicle.

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